Host a CSRS Seminar

Hosting Options and Requirements 

At this time, the only method of hosting a CSRS® course is as a regional CSRS® site. Facilities who aren't quite ready to become a site for all four courses can host a one day stroke recovery sampler at your site. These courses are taught by one of our instructors, and are tailor made for the needs of your facility and/or community, in collaboration with you. You can click on the above link to learn more.

We wish to provide a high-quality, professional product for our registrants. Therefore, facilities MUST have meet the following requirements to be considered as a site for a CSRS® hosting option:

  • Able to provide seating and tables for up to 60 registrants. This space should have audiovisual capabilities such as a screen, a LCD projector and, ideally, microphones. 

  • Able to provide laboratory space for the lab components of the courses. Space that is separate from the lecture space is preferred but not required. Both the lecture and lab spaces should have audiovisual capabilities, and have tables or plinths that are located in or can be moved to the lab space, and that can support the weight of attendees. A total of about 15 plinths or tables should be located in the space, such that we have 3-4 attendees using each table. Tables that are not plinths but that can comfortably support attendees during laboratory exrcises are permissible.

  • Onsite audiovisual/media support for all days on which courses are held is preferred. This allows us to troubleshoot if there are problems, or if attendees have special needs. 
  • The facility should also feature accessible parking accomodations for registrants, and wireless access since all of our materials are placed online.

  • Experience with hosting previous CEU events is preferred.

Becoming a Regional CSRS Course Site

We are often contacted by facilities interested in becoming a regional CSRS® site. In general we attempt to host 3-4 regional courses per calendar year. Regional courses are usually held on two nonconsecutive weekends (Saturday-Sunday), with each course lasting about 7 hours (8 AM until about 4 PM). At this time, preference is given to regional locations that are located in metropolitan areas, and that are proximal to other metropolitan areas.  We also consider how recently we last held a course in that region or city. If a course was recently held in a particular city, we are unlikely to host a course in that city again for about 2-3 years, depeding on demand (although we will hold it again in that region as soon as we can). 

Host facilities are usually provided with two "scholarships" for members of their team. These individuals are then expected to act as course "liasons" on behalf of the facility to the instructors prior to the course, and to registrants and the instructors on the days of the courses. There are no costs to the facility for hosting the course, and we handle all marketing and registration. However, regional host sites are expected to provide a morning light breakfast and afternoon light snack.

If you are interested in hosting a regional CSRS course, please complete the site evaluation form located here 

You can contact us directly to learn more about hosting, but the above site evaluation form is required for consideration as a host site.